Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why did I move to Tracy ? - Part 2

Read Part - 1 of this 'click here'

...continued from Part - 1

...so I told my colleagues that I bought a new house. After the "Wow, Congratulations" and the pats on the back, came the usual question.

"Where did you buy your house?"

"Tracy" I reply with a smile, knowing what was to come next.

"TRACY ?? Good God, you're crazy !!" they all say, "how will you commute all that distance ?"

Now I launch into my standard sales pitch for Tracy... and it goes something like this.
  1. Tracy is a family oriented town.
  2. Tracy is very safe and very quiet and the houses are very new.
  3. Value for money ($ for house) is so much better. (I own a 1800sq.ft 2 story house in Tracy with fireplaces, 3 car garage, 4bed, 3bath and a 6000 sq.ft yard... beat that for $500k).
  4. Appreciation may be slower than the bay area, but it does appreciate. (My insurance agent bought a home in Tracy in 2003 for $380k , it is now worth $515k. So don't tell me there is no appreciation.
  5. Tracy has all the major outlets that all other Bay Area cities have for example : SEARS, Marshalls, Safeway, Albertsons, ROSS, Grocery Outlets, JC Penny, COSTCO, Home Depot, Best Buy, Cost Plus, Barnes&Noble, TARGET, OSH, Rite Aid etc etc etc... the list can go on and on... YES it is all there...
  6. The schools in Tracy are good. My home is close to the Jefferson School district. THey have a K-8 school just a minute from my house.

Screenshot from Google Maps (For indicative purpose only)

You see like so many people, my friends and colleagues look at the map of the bay area and see Tracy and think "Hey that's too far". But it really isn't. The distance from my office in San Jose and my home in Tracy is exactly 52.6 miles (yes I set the trip meter in my car).

The distance from My office to Gilroy is 40 miles
The distance from My office to San Francisco Center is 48 miles
The distance from My office to Salinas is 60 miles
The distance from my office to San Ramon is 36 miles
The distance from my office to Walnut Creek is 46 miles

And I have colleagues and friends living in all the above areas. They all drive to work in San Jose / Santa Clara.

So if you think about it, driving for 10 minutes more and 10 miles more to reach Tracy is NOT a big deal is it ? It just takes a little education for someone to see that it is not some small town with farms, but one that has grown from about 35,000 to over 80,000+ people in just a few years. And it will keep growing. See, people might not want to drive to Modesto or Manteca or Stockton from the Bay area as a daily commute (Though there are some that do), but Tracy is not that far.
I am not saying that the traffic isn't bad, it can be terrible sometimes. There is always atleast a 10-15 minute traffic jam after the 680/580 junction, but after that it gets bearable. The key is to skip the rush hour by about 20 minutes if you want to drive it. (starting at 9-9.15am from home and leaving work by about 6:30-7pm to head back)

Did you know that there is a train that runs from Stockton to San Jose every day , many times a day, to and fro ?? Yes, It is called the ACE (Altamont Commuter Express) and it picks you up from Tracy and drops you off at Great America, Santa Clara, and San Jose (Next to Stevens Creek) The train ride lasts around one hour and they have wireless access onboard, so you can get access to office emails on the way to and from work. (buy a laptop with wireless)

see more on the ACE train here: http://www.acerail.com/
See the Map of stations here:

I will upload some pics of my daily commute in my next post.


  1. You are a good salesman! Good thing we left California. YOU can convince me to buy a house in Tracy!
    If you can work 2 days a week from home and commute to work 3 days only, will be best. Otherwise 100 miles a day round trip commute is brutal. But I agree with you - better spend 5K on magnificent house in Tracy than 5K on a 50 year old barn in Santa Clara/San Jose/Sunnyvale area.

    1. So true, 50 year old barn in Santa Clara/San Jose etc., lol this is the truest of all. We moved to Mountain House, (and bought low),which is just right after Altamont. I forsee that when the economy starts to thrive again, the houses will skyrocket! Especially with the new Kaiser coming to the area, excited about that, will create lots of jobs (:

    2. I enjoyed reading your blog. We have been leaving in San jose for almost 10 years since I came to the US. Lately, prices are crazy expensive especially housing and has been considering moving outside SJ. This gives me some insight as to the area we are looking into. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the comment, it ment a lot. This should be an interesting blog I will link you to mine and also do a post about it.


  3. I did the same analysis almost four years ago and came up with the same conclusion. Too bad you didn't figure out the same thing earlier or you could have benifited from the price appreciation during that time period. I bought my 2443sqft home for $339k on Dec 2003 and currently appraised at $580k.

    Always good to hear of another Tracy-to-San Jose commuter doing well.

  4. Thanks Jojo, I wish I had done so earlier also, I was just being an Ass and postponing it to see "what would happen" Boy do I feel like an idiot :)

  5. Nice Blog....
    What do you think of Mountain House area? What are it's long term prospects?

  6. Kaushik
    The Tracy and mountain house area are at an alltime low price because of the economy. You would be a fool not to buy at these prices.

    Long term? I wish I had a crystal ball. But I would say now is the time to buy.

  7. Are you still doing this commute? We are looking at Mountain House and commuting to SJ. Our friend tells us it will take over 2 hrs each way.

  8. Today, I drove to work in the rain didn't speed or anything. It took me 1 hour 5 minutes. I know because I was on time for a meeting I had scheduled.

    Of course I work in Sunnyvale, just off 237, so It takes me between 1 hour and 1 hr:15 minutes everyday from Tracy to work.

    If you are driving all the way down to San Jose south, then of course it will take longer for YOU.

    There is no magic formula to get to work on time.. :) Leave on time, know your distance, enjoy your drive..

  9. Thank god i found your blog! My husband and I have been thinking for months now whether or not we should buy in the bay area (townhouse) or in Tracy (for a way nicer house). I lived in Tracy for about 10 years and moved to the bay in 2008 - really loved it in Tracy and missed it alot but just thinking about the commute. Better to raise a kid there too than in the bay. Thanks again for sharing!

  10. I heard the banks are hiding foreclosures. They will release them slowly. I was wondering if the prices in Tracy would drop further.

    Just wondering, is there any carpooling lane you can use for cars that have 2 people or more commuting from Tracy to Santa Clara area?

    1. As of July, the real estate market in Tracy was up over 43.8% month to month from 2013 with median prices reaching about 325K and rising, values reflected in Sales data reflect appreciation of 7.5% (a fairly decent ROI compared to most low to moderate risk investments). There is no "hidden" inventory" or REO's and the prices are on a recovery "upswing" they will not "drop further."
      Feel free to check my facts: http://www.metrolistmls.com/Trends/RFrame.cfm

    2. I just realized that the post by Hien Pham was from 2011 so it may not be pertinent to the post, but the data is current now for anyone who was wondering about the market.

  11. the house you bought for 500K is now worth about 250K.. so dont tell me about housing appreciating out there. Tracy area was hit the worst in the state with foreclosures/repos and bank owned properties.. and this has driven all the housing prices down significantly. my friend bought a house in tracy about 2008 and hes in the his house price went down 50K+

  12. Dear mr anonymous.. in response to your post today (4th July 2011)..

    please have a look at the date i wrote the original article... March 2007.

    Even a total retard like you would appreciate that I realize the downshift in the market since then...

    Nonetheless, the prices of houses in tracy now are even more of a bargain than ever.

    Have a happy 4th of July.

  13. Your great blog inspired me to consider relocating to Tracy! But researching further I came across:


    Now I'm concerned about the air pollution from :
    - Tracy Peaker Power Plant
    - Depleted Uranium testing by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Site 300 testing ground, off Corral Hollow Road

    Is the air quality really that bad compared to rest of the bay area? Thank you.

  14. I would compare the same air quality scale with cities like san jose, santa clara, dublin, and even LA, why not LOL..

    You'll see that the air quality here is fresh and invigorating... no smog...

    Not certain about the livermore lab testing ground thing, but I can't imagine it being lethal or even mildly damaging.. if so, livermore city would be un-inhabitable...

  15. Nice blog. It's unbelievable that the house price of Tracy is so low compared to bay area. When the price goes up, it must have much bigger potential than bay area. Manteca/Lathorop area is also nice and not too far away from Bay Area, about 10 minuets more than Tracy.

  16. Thank you for posting your blog. My husband and I are looking at buying a house in Manteca and I'm just nervous about the commute. He works off 237 in the tech industry and I work in Campbell. So I'd drop him off then go against traffic from there to my work. I'm just nervous about the commute (but we may be able to bump me to part time then have him only go IN to work M/W/F)

    It definitely helped to read about someone else who does the commute. Any tips? Would it be easier because we are carpooling?

  17. jen that would be a horrible commute from manteca down to campbell. why dont you have him take a day off work and rent a motel in manteca, then make the drive down AND back to manteca during what his commute hours would be, BEFORE you move there.

    i guarantee you, he will be wanting to quit his job after the first 2 days. is it really worth it to have a house, when you are physically and mentally drained from commuting?

    id personally live in an apartment closer to work and get to spend more time with my family/kids.. by the time he gets home from campbell, he will be exhausted, wont want to play with the kids, do any errands and probably not even have much interest in your love life. weekends will be reserved for sleeping and lounging around recovering from the week long horrendous commute, and then mondays its back at it again!

    to each his own though.. maybe your husband is ok with being a road warrior.

  18. This blog was great. Appreciate the author sharing experiences, and all the comments here.
    Our family of 5 is looking to move to Tracy but my office is in Sunnyvale. I know the commute is brutal, I came out and drove it myself. Leaving Sunnyvale as early as 3:30pm, still took 1hr 45min. Ouch...
    I checked ACE train, but would need to combine with Caltrain and vta bus and 15 min walk to get to my office, for grand total of 2hr 50min duration (no way).

    So, I am trying to rationalize moving to Tracy, for better house value, less wallet burn and better quality of life for my family (even if I am paying the commute sacrifice). Any ideas? Any alternative routes to shorten afternoon commute, rather than 237-680-84-580-205?? (And without waiting til 6:30pm to leave office, as I would like to see my family)

    Please reply if you have a suggestion... thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi,
      Were you aware of the ACE shuttle system? There are two lines that serve Sunnyvale - the Red Line going to the Moffett Park area, and Gray Line to the area northwest of the Lawrence Caltrain station. The ACE shuttles are timed to meet the ACE trains, so if your office is in one of these areas you could get to work far faster than 2:50.

      I realize your post is 3 years old and you probably made your decision already on the commute, so this reply is more a PSA for others who may not know of the shuttle system, since it looks like people are still reading and responding to this post. The shuttles all over the county to Milpitas, San Jose, Santa Clara as well. Also if you work in Palo Alto you can take ACE to Fremont and then take Line U across the Dumbarton to Stanford University.

      See shuttle map here: https://www.acerail.com/getattachment/Getting-You-There/Maps-Stations/Santa-Clara/VTA-ACE-shuttle-maps-and-timetables.pdf

  19. Well, the choice is ultimately yours.
    I enjoy my house for the price I got it at. I don't regret moving here. My life has been richer and I have made great friends here. Yes the commute is long, but not the be all end all and definitely not the disaster some make it out to be. Or for the same price, you could rent a tiny little shoebox apartment in Sunnyvale.
    Tracy is a great town. :)

    1. Thank you!
      Any suggested alternative routes to get from Sunnyvale to tracy, to shorten the commute from the 1hr 45min I experienced this week?

  20. Not really. Between 50 minutes to an hour and a half is what it takes me. But then again, I drive like Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious.

  21. Thank you so much for your feedback!
    another question. Our 3 kids will be entering 2nd grade, 6th and 8th. Can you share any insights on what the best/preferred schools are (including high school for later) we should target when looking at houses to buy in Tracy or Mountain House?

  22. The schools are very good in Tracy. A lot of choice here. Not so much in Mountain house.

    Go to google Maps and type in Tracy High school. It's huge and is a well equipped facility/school. I'd recommend it.

  23. Hi, I'd like to ask how difficult the driving test in Tracy is, because I've already failed 3 times when taking the behind the wheel test in San Francisco. Thanks for your reply!

  24. You should give up and just use the bus.

    LOL!! Just kidding. They are a bit less strict in Tracy DMV I've heard. But it all deep ds on your driving skills of course. The Tracy DMV staff is polite and excellent.

  25. If I leave at 9 am to get to Sunnyvale, and back around 6:30 the drive will take 1 hr to 1 hr 15 min ?

    1. Yes, my commute to work is usually an hour. My commute back is a bit longer, depending on traffic.

  26. I just bought a house in Tracy, I work in Sunnyvale, and I only have to commute 3 days out of the week to work. At the time I am out from work, around 8 to 8:30, I know traffic will be normal, but coming to work, I have to be there at 10AM, anybody has that sort of scheduled? Been thinking of leaving tracy at 8AM to make it at 10AM, any opinions?

  27. I'm relocating from the east coast for work. I have offices all over NorCal,OR, WA and Reno that I will be traveling to, but my focus will be in San Jose.
    My first 4-5 months of assignment will be 3-4 days per week in San Jose, but I will have a "break" traveling back to MA for 1 week per month.
    I'm a SoCal native, but prefer NorCal. I just don't know if I can get over the Tracy perception, but love the house we are probable on to buy right now. The wife is an easterner and loves hot weather so no problem for her. The house has a beautiful yard with a solar heated pool and trees and a lawn so lots of places to retreat.
    I'm a bit nervous about Tracy, but we might take the plunge if the house sale gets approved.

    1. So to follow up on my post from July... It has been about 15 weeks since we started the process of buying a short sale in the Greenbriar estates area of Tracy. We finally have received the word that the approvals for all multiple lien holders are approved and it's a done deal. We should close right around Christmas and moving cross country sometime in January.
      We are really excited to have found pretty close to perfect house for us on one of the best pieces of property that we've seen and all the amenities that we want.
      So the thing we are looking forward to knowing is how much we will like living in Tracy. It's a go for my job because I'm not in any single office 5 days per week. I'll be commuting to San Jose about 2 days per week on average and traveling around the region (Reno, Sac, Benicia, Modesto, Fresno and up to OR and WA) the rest of the time, except for 1 day per week in my home office.
      So Tracy here we come.....

    2. Wrecker, it wasn't a house on James briar loop was it?

    3. No, no on James Briar Loop. Actually my mistake, it's in Glenbriar Estates off Valpico and MacArthur.

    4. Nice!! Very safe and good area.

  28. Thanks for your points. But...do you really see a place "with farms" as a place to avoid (as your message implies)? That seems a bit similar to the distance ignorance that you point out. I can't imagine a place having farms to be a quality to quickly downplay in favor of Marshalls and whatnot. Infrastructure is nice, and necessary. So are farms...plus they're also very pleasant to look at and be neighbors with...not to mention to appreciate when it comes time to eat. Otherwise I appreciated your post!

    1. Dear Unknown :)
      Of course not! I love Tracy and I absolutely adore farms. I'm just stating that a lot of folk have a very different perception about our lovely town. I can't tell you how many people pass through Tracy using the 205 hwy and look to the left and right and think Tracy is a tiny little town of a few thousand. Hell, 7 years ago, I did the same thing when driving through on my way from the bay to Lake Tahoe. Folks in the bay should overcome their fear of the distance and look at the wholeness and self sufficiency of our town. It truly is amazing.

  29. its still a very long hellish commute, going to work in san jose, oakland or sf.

    living in tracy would be fine if you have a job in tracy or you can work at home, otherwise no.

    thats just my 2 cents

  30. Mr. Tracy,

    We want to move to Tracy if the company I interviewed with makes me an offer. I figured commuting some but riding ACE as much as possible. Downside is that the job I'm interviewing for is for 6pm to 6am. I can't find any information if ACE could get me to Tracy in the morning and take me to Fremont area at night. If I'm totally outta luck on this are there any other areas that BART or ACE connect with that offer similar "town feel" of Tracy and housing prices?
    I'm setting here trying to figure out how to budget all this out and what salary I need to make the move. I had it all figured out until I realized ACE may not travel East in the morning. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  31. Get a small little commuter car and drive.
    at the times you mentioned (6pm to 6am) there will be little or no traffic going out and coming in to tracy..

    no sweat.

  32. I've got an is300 (26 mpg).

    You've got a sweet C3. We're one town north of bowling green Kentucky. We see a lot of vettes

  33. Please tell me that youre going to keep this up! Its so good and so important. I cant wait to read more from you. I just feel like you know so much and know how to make people listen to what you have to say. This blog is just too cool to be missed. Great stuff, really. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

  34. Getting ready to take a job in Sunnyvale, looking at Tracy or Mountain House for me and my family to move to - things still the same?

  35. its really neat u have this page going, just outta curiosity how many job opportunities arebeing offered n Tracy at this point in time?

  36. I'm actually starting to look for homes in the Tracy area next week! It will be my first home purchase and I'm beyond excited. I will have to commute to the Menlo Park area to work at 7am -3:30pm. I figure the commute out of Tracy won't be too bad, but the commute back may take a few more mins of my time. I was wondering if the commute is cut shorter if you are carpooling?? Also what are some of nice areas of Tracy to live in?

    1. Buying in Tracy now is getting harder. Bidding wars aplenty. Be prepared to be dissapointed when you put a bid on a house and someone else wins the bid.
      I go from Tracy to San Francisco daily. Not bad. I stop in Livermore and take Bart into town.

  37. I relocated to San Jose back in August when I accepted a position with Cisco Systems. Until the rest of my family joins me (I have a daughter who is a Senior in High School), I have a 1bd apartment in Campbell.

    We have started to search many different areas to rent a home for the entire family next spring / summer. I plan to take a drive to the Tracy area over this next weekend, but it seems like the bang for the buck is tremendous. My apartment now is $1595 a month and for another $500 or so it looks like we can get a 4-5 bd ~3000 sq ft home in Tracy which is just what we want. Other areas are coming up much much more expensive.

    I read all of the information about the ACE train and the shuttles and I think that would work out very well for me. I could get dropped off at the Great America station and get a shuttle right to my office at Cisco. Will save time and wear and tear on my car.

    A good High School is another biggie for us as our youngest daughter will start HS here in CA. John C Kimball looks to have a great ranking and API. Any comments about the school would be appreciated.

    Tracy seems like an awesome family oriented town, with good schools that is safe and has many businesses close.

    My other question revolves around weather. How does it compare to San Jose? Looking on weather.com at the monthly averages, looks like it is 5-10 degrees colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, but still beautiful compared to miserable Utah weather (dry, scorching hot summers and snowy / icy winters) where we are moving from. Any comments on this would be appreciated as well.


  38. How is commute at 6:30am to Palo Alto?

  39. commute is horrendous! was driving from Pleasanton past tracy at 545AM today.. the west bound lanes with commuters coming in from tracy, stockton, modesto on 580 were jam packed all the way from tracy to pleasanton.. i mean just a sea of headlights, stop and go, and moving at a turtles pace... I wonder what its like at 7AM??? much worse id imagine. not worth living there unless you work either at home, in tracy or Manteca. Plus I bet that grocery bag tax will spread from alameda country out there anyway. Best bet, get out of California!

  40. Dick - Great blog! My family is considering Tracy or Mountain House for a home. I work from home so I am not worried about commute, all I need is a strong WiFi connection at home. My husband is planning to take ACE to commute to his office in San Jose. Knowing you have lived in Tracy for a few years now, what would be your take on the travel time? Is it too taxing?

    Thanks for putting all this valuable information (schools, travel options etc.) in your blog. I am sure it would help many.

  41. I recently accepted a position with PG&E based out of San Romone Ca. I have never been to this part of the country and will be moving from upstate NY. I have looked at a million houses on line all over that part of Ca. Prices seem to be much more affordable in Tracy. Is the commute from Tracy to S. R. as bad as I think it will be. I will be working Monday - Friday and plan to be in the office by 7 AM. Also are there specific areas of Tracy I want to be in or want to avoid. Great blog I have found it very helpful.

  42. I own a home right off 11th st in Tracy and have made the 6am commute for the past 5 years to SF. IT IS A NIGHTMARE. Bumper to bumper traffic and God forbid if there is an accident before you get to livermore then bump that commute time up another 45 mins. You really need to know what your getting into by moving here. You severly limit where you can work in the Bay Area by living in Tracy. I just recently bought a house in the East Bay, 5 mins from BART. I will never go back. Living in Tracy is awesome, but its the commute thats from HELL.

  43. +1 to the person who said they live in Tracy and it is a Nightmare commute to the Bay Area. It is grueling, that is why I left California, to get away from the rat race, the overcrowding. 37 million people in California makes it the most populated state with 7 million in the Bay Area. I wouldn't want to live anywhere in the Bay Area, or California, especially a commute from Tracy! I will take Alaska, 700k people in a state 3 times the size of California! :)

  44. Are you still loving Tracy?? Possible buyers want to know ...😊

  45. Are you still loving Tracy?? Possible buyers want to know...☺️

  46. We bought a house in Manteca. We plan to carpool to san jose/sunnyvale. Is carpool much faster than the 2hrs everyone talks about?

  47. Manteca is further than Tracy. It will add at least 20 minutes to your commute.

  48. How is life in mountain house now? Thinking of moving there and commuting to Sunnyvale for work. How bad is the commute?

    1. I've been living in Mountain House for the past 2 years. I absolutely LOVE the community. Commuting is comparable to Tracy, you may shave 10 minutes off since it's ~10 miles closer to the bay area.

  49. 5 years back I was commuting for 1+ hour each way. I was doing it for 4 years. It just drained me. Read DickTracy's comments. Tracy is not everyone. Try the commute for few days and then decide. Take ACE/BART to work. Driving from Tracy to Cupertino was horrible. I quit and moved closer. Yeah my living unit is like a match box but that is a compromise I am willing make.

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  51. I commute to oakland now, but thanks!

  52. A year ago, we moved from Fremont to Tracy when I got a work from home job. I totally agree that traffic is horrible and spending 4 hours of your day in traffic is not a very pleasing idea. But we are really happy we made that decision. We have a nice home that we would not have been able to afford in the Bay Area. So far, we are loving it here. As mentioned in the blog, Tracy has all the major outlet stores. Malls and shopping centers are never that crowded. I like that. We do miss Fremont for it's good Indian restaurants though, but since we have some of our family and friends still in the Bay Area, we make at least two trips a month to Fremont and eat there. So far, I really have no reason for not to like our stay in Tracy.
    Infact, many of our friends have started considering to move out to Tracy because of expensive housing.
    I can't believe the 2 BR, 2 Bath apartment we were staying at 3 years ago, is currenlty being rented out at $3200 per month. We used to pay $1700 per month. That is almost an increase of 50%.

  53. Hi,

    My kid goes to Amador High school in Pleasanton, as the house market is crazy now, we can't afford to buy house in Pleasanton, is there any way that we can buy house in Mountain House & still my kid can go to Pleasanton school district? Is it worth buying there and going to Pleasanton shool? Please provide suggestions

  54. Its crazy commute from Tracy to anywhere in Bay area..even San Ramon or Pleasanton...Forget Silicon Valley. Tracy is cheap for a few reasons. Commute and Work is not in that equation. I live in tracy and its really nice.. but I don't commute. I heard about ACE Train.. ACE train runs couple in the AM and couple in the evening. You will hv to plan commuting logistics from Silicon valley stations to your place of work and Back and forth. I see many new folks buying home in Tracy without thinking of commute and I have quite a few friends who already regret buying home in tracy and are thinking of selling and moving back.

    Tracy / Mountain house is not for everyone....Don't get short sighted ! Plan your needs and work accordingly! :) Just a honest advice.

  55. No.. if you are in Tracy, you will have to send kids to Tracy schools..not pleasanton. Its illegal.

  56. Are there any colleges nearby in Tracy?

  57. Still loving Tracy in 2016? My husband and I are from Southern CA. We were born and raised in Los Angeles. We moved 2 years ago to Washington State. My job is taking me to the Bay area but I work in a job where I am out in the field a few days a week (could be a Saturday, if I want to) and my husband works 100% remotely for a company in San Diego. We are in our 50s. We thought we were down sizing but after living in a 1 bedroom apartment in Washington State, we want to rent a house. Tracy looks nice. Is it still safe? We've checked on Zillow and the rents seem decent. We have 4 grown adult children who will visit us and we need rooms for offices, so we are looking in the $1800 to $2500 range. What do you think? Is Tracy still a nice town?

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  59. If you are a city person, which I am, Tracy is an absolute snooze. There is nothing to do here unless you have a gaggle of kids. It is the quintessential suburban town, a church on every corner and kids sports on Saturday. People commute to the Bay Area and return exhausted. They closed the Barnes & Noble so for me there is nothing to do at the Mall. Yes, the homes are expected to appreciate by 5% in the next year but buyers should consider very carefully they move here particularly if they are city types who enoy the bustle of diversity. You better have everthing that you need in your house because there is nothing going onin Tracy.

  60. If you are a city person, which I am, Tracy is an absolute snooze. There is nothing to do here unless you have a gaggle of kids. It is the quintessential suburban town, a church on every corner and kids sports on Saturday. People commute to the Bay Area and return exhausted. They closed the Barnes & Noble so for me there is nothing to do at the Mall. Yes, the homes are expected to appreciate by 5% in the next year but buyers should consider very carefully they move here particularly if they are city types who enoy the bustle of diversity. You better have everthing that you need in your house because there is nothing going onin Tracy.

  61. Looking to move to tracy ca. My husband will commute from tracy to Cupertino. Any info on how bad the commute is? Now they opened a new express lane. Is it really beneficial? Thxs

  62. Looking to move to tracy ca. My husband will commute from tracy to Cupertino. Any info on how bad the commute is? Now they opened a new express lane. Is it really beneficial? Thxs

  63. The 580/680 express lanes can help with what is a tricky commute, but they're toll lanes if your husband is driving solo, which is assumed. He'd have to get a FasTrak transponder, same as the one used to collect bridge tolls, if he doesn't already have one. Please see below for more information for commuters from Tracy to Silicon Valley.

    As it happens, I found this wonderful website of tribute to the virtues of living in Tracy before moving out here myself, initially from the Peninsula, and now work in Tracy as a residential and commercial Realtor with Century 21, with offices on 11th Street, west side of Tracy. Dick Tracy's blog inspired me to finally get around to posting a good detailed commuter page of my own, for potential buyers and sellers who might be considering relocating to Tracy and surrounding areas, and especially dealing with your specific 680/580/205 route to and from Silicon Valley!

    My Tracy commuter page (thank you Dick Tracy for the inspiration!): http://www.tracymantecarealestate.com/The-Commute

    And a specific link from Alameda County Transportation on the express lanes: http://www.alamedactc.org/580express

    Don't hesistate to call me (below) if I can help you further with anything regarding your move to Tracy, I actually specialize in Bay Area-based relocations just like yours!

    Lori Drake, Ph.D.
    Realtor, Century 21 M&M and Associates

  64. can somebody help me with dmv testing route of Tracy?

  65. I relocated here with an aim to start my business here. We provide a full range of moving services Stockton,CA http://smile-moving.com/ca/stockton. Please, help me and write here something about our company. I address those people, who were our clients or may be are going to be a part of our team.

  66. Very Nice Article .thanks for sharing with us .

  67. My husband is a journeyman and we are wandering if he can find a job there so we can move. we have friends and relatives in Turlock but we prefer tracy. We pay $2000 rent a month. We need to move somewhere we can afford

  68. Loved reading this, and yes, you are so right! Only a little farther and so much more for your money! Do you still live there now? Just want to see what your thoughts about the commute still are. I work in Fremont and would be commuting from Tracy or Mtn House. Happy Thanksgiving!

  69. Traffic has increased with prosperity. 2016 - present, Door to door from Tracy 4:30 am to Palo Alto 1.5 hr. From Palo Alto 2:30 pm to Tracy, m-f, 1.5 hr., add 1/2 to 1.0 hr. for accidents. Add 1/2-1.0 hr. on Friday. Add 1hr on top of all, if you drive back to Tracy using 680 N. after 3:00 pm. @ Mission Blvd. That is the worst. Considering my driving style, 90% I drive 55-60 mph both ways, Ford Fusion Hybrid 41-48 mpg average. 1.25-1.33 gal. used one way.

    2014-2015: T to PA at 5:00 am =1:45-2:00 hr.
    PA to T at 3:30 pm = 2.5-3.0 hr. On a good day.
    2012-2014: the travel times gradually increased from 1.5 hrs up to horrendous.
    2008-2012 on my Harley Road Glide 1.05 hr to 1.20 each way. High speeds 70-80 mph 70 % of the time in alowable streches. In my auto 1:15-1:30 on a good day at 55-60 mph.

    My property taxes have increased by only $1,000.00 from 2008 here in Tracy. Compared to Bay Area increases of 3-5 times more. My Final Refinance =2.5 apr @ 15 yrs. My estimated early pay off is 6.8 yrs.
    Home bought @379K in 2008. 2017 = 533k
    5bd 3bt 8600 lot 3000 sf 3 car in ground pool, peace and quiet abound. Room to grow my own food too.
    Value and tax statement are nearest to peak levels in San Joaquin Co. My raise's from work and savings from 3 refinances, Hamp, HARP, final 2.5% are in my pocket. Not in the taxmans. I just heard Trump is dumping the mortgage interest tax deduction. I'm not worried because my monthly now =$ 500.00 to bank interest & $3,800.00 to principal, and getting better. 284k remaining to pay off early.

    I may soon go to a 9:30am to 6:00 pm shift leaving Tracy at 8:15 am and leaving Palo Alto at 6:15 pm. I need to do a trial run real soon. I'll keep you posted. I hope this will be considered good food for thought. Like most folks I have regrets but at least I stayed in a Holliday Inn.✌🏾

  70. We're thinking about moving to Tracy. Are there any areas we should avoid?