Monday, March 19, 2007

Terminator of the weeds !!!

I spent half my weekend playing TERMINATOR in my back yard. I traded my Dick Tracy mask for my Axe Wielding Barbarian getup.

So, I bought one of those weed whackers and '
went to the mattresses' on my weed infested back lawn. I started by putting the safety guard on the weed whacker, but then decided that it was going too slow.., so I removed the guard and let the weedster rip with about 8 inches of cord. I was splattered with chlorophyll, sap and plant matter as the leaves and weeds exploded in sprays of green (see pics of before and after below)

I originally wanted to take a picture of myself destroying the yard, but unlike driving a car and taking photos, I wouldn't recommend or even try taking a picture with one hand while holding a rotating blade spinning at about 5000+ rpms, so I drew myself instead :-)

Here's a sketch I made of what I looked like when in the heat of battle !!!

Some may recognize him as Slaine the Barbarian from 2000AD comics.
(Yes I drew it myself and added the green on computer after I scanned it)

Finally I got my yard to look semi decent and now I am planning to landscape it beautifully with a barbecue area, cypress trees and a gazebo. I got about 3000 sq ft, so I am going to have fun doing this.. I spent part of Sunday spraying the entire place with about 2 gallons of Roundup.

BEFORE and AFTER (back)

BEFORE and AFTER (side)

Not bad for a novice barbarian !


  1. You did all that with just a weed wacker ? What did you do, scalp it ?

  2. Well friend, you do look like a barbarian even in real life.. hehheh.. just kidding.. more like a gentle giant :p

  3. WOW that is impressive. Weeds are just awful.

  4. yup, especially when they pop up on my manicured front lawn.. with those annoying little yellow flowers and dandelions!

  5. The broadleaf suppressor takes a good care of dandelions. Unfortunately, I have a birch tree planted in the middle of my front lawn, so I can't be too aggressive with such chemicals.

    What did you do with the clippings? Stuffed into the brown bin? My lot is far smaller and the bin is nowhere near enough for me. I'm thinking about polling places which would haul garden waste away.

  6. Actually, I just raked the stuff that was easy to remove.. the roots of the weeds are still in the ground :-(

    So I'm hoping the Roundup will destroy them soon... do you think I have to dig up the entire lawn to remove the roots ?

  7. No, I have no idea what to do with roots. In my backyard, I pull the weeds I do not like and let the grass to grow. My comment dealt with the sheer amount of cut weeds which I have to dispose.

  8. Yup, I Brown Binned the weed cuttings...

  9. Dear Mr. Tracy:

    Thank you very much for your BLOG. I'm planning to rent a townhouse or residential house in Tracy for my first year here. I've decided to send my son to Jefferson School. Would you please give me a little bit information about renting in Tracy?
    What's the best residential areas, north or south tracy? Thanks for further assistance.

  10. Hi Jimmy,
    I would reccomend speaking with Brian barringer ( who also has a blog on tracy. He is a realtor and has lived in Tracy a long time.
    Why rent when you can buy a home of your own, that's my take.

    :) cheers.

  11. Thanks man, I apprecate the refferal. BTW Your blog is getting really interesting.

  12. You should check out this new lawn weeding tool called the DANDELION TERMINATOR. It's not for mowing down a yard full of weeds but it makes weeding an already manicured lawn really easy and fun.

  13. Cool ! thanks Ed, I will get one of these... Do they work on other weeds too ?

    I'm guessing they might..:)