Friday, April 13, 2007

Pool Rules !

Pool Shark comin through !!!

I decided a couple weeks ago to convert one garage of my 3 car garage into a Billiard/Pool/Game room. So I started by laying plaster and texture on the drywall. That was quite a task and I had to hire a day worker (From outside Home Depot) to help out. After that I chose the colors, A Mustard yellow for opposing walls and a Rich Burgundy for the Game room side (and white for ceiling). Check out the Before and After pics below.

I decided to do this because I recently found a gem of a pool table on (One of those rare distress sales) Seller was leaving town for another state and had no takers for his $1200 Brunswick Table (It would cost him more than that to ship it). I wanted this table !!! The only problem was, that it was gathering dust in his game room way up in Santa Rosa (That is about 2+ Hours away from Tracy, up in the North Bay). He was desperate to sell and had no takers, so he was literally giving it away for free, or best offer (He had to have it out of the house in 2 days). So I hired an installation guy to come with me to see the table, 'look under the hood' and give it a thumbs up and then to disassemble it and re-assemble it in my home for the princely sum of $300 (Still a pretty sweet deal). The seller said to give him whatever I wanted, he just wanted it gone !! (So I gave him $200). AND HE ACCEPTED !!!!! :-p

So there you have it, an expensive pool table for little or nothing, plus the cost of shipping and setup - $500 total. Not too shabby for a game table that retails for nearly $2000.

Anyways I had it set up in my game room and will put up the pendant lights above it this weekend. I also put up one of my favourite paintings (Linnea Pergola - The Hills of San Francisco). I will scour Craigslist for a free area rug to put under the table and perhaps a bar stool or two and it will be all set !!

I love Craigslist


A really nice print of Linnea Pergola's - Hills of San Francisco.


  1. AHA !!! I love pool ! where do you live, perhaps we can shoot some over a brewski, I'll buy.

  2. You really turned that room around with the colors and matching cshades etc... good job.

  3. The top comment looks like a spammer.