Monday, May 7, 2007

Busy Busy Weekend !

Pride of home ownership has really driven my energy levels up
(and my libido too , I might add) ;-)
This was a busy busy weekend for me. It is really surprising what you can do if you are geared up and plan a 'to-do' list (Plus wake up a little early). Here is a list of stuff I did this weekend.

  1. Drove to Manteca and returned the outdoor lanterns I bought last month, exchanged them for non-motion sensor ones.
  2. Bought a 8x10 foot metal shed. Drove to Home Depot, loaded onto truck, drove home, loaded into garage.
  3. Installed 2 Outdoor Lanterns on either side of the garage (Electrical work, ladder, yadda yadda..)
  4. Went grocery shopping to Costco with my significant other (Wife)
  5. Mowed the lawn and fertilized.
  6. Trimmed edges of lawn (with weed whacker.. My favourite tool and weapon :p)
  7. Drove to OSH, bought lamp shade, wires, plugs, bulbs and stud detector.
  8. Installed light above pool table.
  9. Installed floodlight above Corvette, with remote control..
  10. Got paint swatches from Home Depot, argued with wife for 2 hours about what walls should be what color.. Still no conclusion...
  11. Washed and dried corvette :-)
  12. Put up some memorabilia and hung pics on the wall above car..
  13. Played 2 games of pool.
  14. Saw SpiderMan 3 with wife at Cinemax, Tracy
  15. Went to Mancini's Sleepworld 'Sale', bought a queen size bed and mattress and boxspring.
  16. Worked from home sunday evening for about 2 hours. (need to get geared up for Monday right?)

Pic of New Outdoor Lantern. (Point #3)
(Click to view detail)


Pic of Pool Table with New lamp. (Point #8)
(Click to view detail)


Pics of Vette & Memorabilia (Point #11 & 12)
(Click to view detail)


Pic of my Manicured front Lawn. (Point #5 & 6)
(Click to view detail)

Real busy weekend...


  1. Dude, you are this 6 foot 2 inch semi-macho monster with all this energy and god bless you, you're putting it to good use... but I gotta say this as a friend ... You're beginning to sound like Martha Stewart :) HAHAHAhAHahahhahAhaHa !!!

    btw, where did you get the Lanterns ?

  2. Marta Stewart eh.. :-(

    I got the Lanterns from Home Depot (Hampton Bay collection)