Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Classic Cars in Santa Clara.

I always say,
"Anyone can write a check and buy a new car from a showroom, but it takes a special soul to restore and nurture a classic"

Summer is here and there are classic car get togethers everywhere. Usually in Santa Clara, classic car owners meet in the evenings every wednesday near Mervyns. They play 50s and 60s rock and roll on loudspeakers, lending a sort of nostalgic charm to the gathering. Thought I'd share a few photos I took of a recent classic car get together in Santa Clara. Yes I was there with my shiny little corvette.

By the way, I missed the Tracy Classic Car show this year. :-(
Does anyone have pictures I could borrow to put up here ?
I would include the names of the photographers with the pictures :-)

Picture of my '77 vette at the gtg in Santa Clara.
It's the black one next to the Burgundy C2 Corvette
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Pictures of other Classic cars at the gtg in Santa Clara.

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Old cars are just so stirring...Why ?
Because the very concept of caring for something that is rare and delicate and keeping it alive, is to help it cheat death. Saving a piece of history who's time is supposed to have come and gone and should be relegated to the junk yard, but is not, is in my opinion noble. These are timepieces, these are mirrors into the past, these are time machines.



  1. Cool Cobra. What is that big truck ? Looks like old military.

  2. Talk to Dave Parker, I think he was to that gathering and I saw some pictures in his Flickr area.

  3. there are actually gtgs , wednesday, in santa every week during summertime. But it is usually the same bunch of people every week, plus a few new ones from time to time..

    Which car is Dave Parkers ?

  4. Here is a link to my flickr set of the Tracy show, help yourself!


  5. the link doesn't work Dave.
    Instead you can share your album with me, send the link to e.tarkovski@gmail.com

  6. Try this:

  7. heya
    i just wana kno the name of the last car in the list????????????(The blue one).
    plz send reply on kps9387@yhaoo.co.in

  8. I love classic cars. Thanks for sharing this list of cars.