Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Home on a truck !

Through my morning windscreen.

Driving to work today, just like any other day, saw a couple of trucks with "Caution: Oversize Load" signs on them, with pickup safety escorts. So someone is getting a house delivered to their land today in 2 pieces (2 wide bed trucks). Probably a 1000sq ft. house. Always wondered what it would be like, getting a house delivered on a truck to my lot and setting it up.

Truth be told, I was in half a mind to buy a plot of land in Livermore when I was in my home hunting phase and build a modular home on it...

Good thing I found Tracy. Now I can focus on my Landscaping instead. lol.

Took a few pics as usual.



  1. Most of the modules going across the Altamont are not residential quarters, because nobody west of it is poor enough to look into this opton and, simultaneously, has enough land to place the modules. The manufacturing facility is located at the eastern side of Manteca, where the Rt.120 meets 99 and turns into Yosemite Avenue.

  2. Maybe they're going to the Brentwood, Pittsburg/antioch area.. there is a lot of empty land in between 580 and there...
    Plus I see these wide trailers stop at the vasco rd exit all the time.. (That is also a truck scales area I guess)

  3. Another thing you're going to see a lot is a truck carrying Tacoma frames to the New American Motors plant in Fremont's Warm Springs district. They used to be genuine Toyota trucks in grey livery, same as their mechanics wear at dealerships. But about two or three years ago they outsourced the transport to some random company. I have no idea where they make those frames. It should be Stockton, but then you never see them on I-5. And it's had to imagine any other place having a big enough press to form them.

  4. Hey that's right !! I have seen those. The frames are painted black and mounted one after the other like dominoes on those trucks !

    I always thought those were sedan frames..