Saturday, June 9, 2007

Off with your Nails !!!

Ok, so my cat (Ramses. Russian Blue breed) has gotten so used to the new house, that he has declared it his domain and (like batman) seeks out the highest vantage points of the house and somehow perches himself there to score a birds eye view of us humans ! In his quest to scale these heights he did what any cat would do.. climb the walls and leap across open spaces to get there... in the process leaving one or two scratch marks on the wall and the furniture thereby freaking my wife out. So here we are trying to cut his sharp claws. Took a few pics. How many of you guys have cats or dogs ?

Perched up on the ledge. (click to enlarge)

He's not really happy about this nail cutting thing..
(click to enlarge)

Posing with his lion.
(click to enlarge)

Not a very happy Kitty... (click to enlarge)



  1. I have a cat and goldfish :)

  2. Hey our cat does that too.

    Wonder how he gets all the way up there... I think he climbs the curtains in our house, I have found loose threads on the curtains from his nails.