Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tanker Truck Stalker !

Trailing a Tanker truck...

Ever followed a Gas Tanker truck ? The ones with the polished chrome like tankers ? It's like driving with a big oval mirror in front of you. haha..
Really a nice experience.. I followed one intentionally for about 20 miles on 580 today morning.... It was slower than the other lanes, but very entertaining. Wish I was driving my corvette, it would have looked better in the reflective mirror like surface.


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Under a bridge (Click to expand)

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  1. Did you notice the license plate on the truck ? lol..

  2. I actually changed the number in photoshop.. that's not the real number


  3. You saved on gas too........


    Aparently drafting behind a big rig will improve your car’s fuel efficiency.

    "At just ten feet, the car managed to increase its fuel efficiency by 40%. Drafting at two feet was slightly lower than the ten foot distance"

  4. LOL reminds me of the scene in Cars where the Mac is making faces in his reflection of the tanker truck in front of him. You should have made some faces.

    I hope your picture taking didnt freak the tanker driver out, but I bet they see all kinds of things. I use to work for a chlorine distrubution company and we had to really upgrade our security and train our drivers on what to look for following 9/11 and recent events in Iraq.

    I really enjoy your commute pictures keep them coming, but be careful out there will ya?

  5. LOL ! yeah, I loved that scene with Mac and the Tanker truck...

    yeah, will be careful.