Monday, July 2, 2007

Mr Ed's Mufflers - Good job!

A muffler and pipe welding recommendation !
Mr Ed's Mufflers, Tracy CA
(Off East 11th St)

I've been learning over the last few months, that Tracy is a very self contained and self sufficient little city, Very little that you need, cannot be found right here in town.

The Exhaust pipes on My Dodge Durango were rusted from the mufflers till the chrome tips. The previous owner apparently drove it up in Tahoe in the snow a lot. I did the mufflers on my Corvette last year from a guy in Santa Clara who put in Dual Flowmasters and angled chrome tips. Now I didn't want to drive all the way to the bay area just to do the pipes on my truck, so I thought I'd search locally.

Sure enough, I found this highly recommended place off East 11th st called Mr. Ed's Mufflers. The guy who worked there was so polite and no-nonsense and charged me fairly for dual pipes, Y-pipe and welded on Chrome tips. He did the job in 3 hours flat and did it with a smile. He did originally want me to replace the mufflers themselves, saying they might be rusted, but wanted to get it up on the lift to make sure.. either ways, he told me, "We don't charge you for stuff you don't need over here :-)"

A Before and After Pic.

Before (Click to expand) - - - - - After (Click to expand)

Anyone who wants a good job done, for a great price and with a smile, visit Mr. Ed's. I'd definitely recommend him. Contact and location below.

Website :
Location : 23910 S Darrigo Way, Tracy, CA 95304

Cheers all, and a very Happy 4th of July !