Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A New Car !

Another day, Another set of wheels...

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love cars. Now I may not be wealthy or get paid seven figures, but I do my fair share of jumping in and out of cars based on my mood and circumstance.

When I was little, my dad used to change cars every few months... We were in the middle east and American cars were the rage. He had everything from Pontiacs to Chevys to Japanese cars. My dad still changes his cars every 2 years or so... I seem to have caught the bug from him..

Imagine this.. I have bought/sold
7 cars in the last 4 years. I currently own 3 cars. A 99 Dodge Durango, a 77 Corvette Stingray and my latest car (And commuter) a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Here are some pictures of the new car, 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse
(I bought it on 18th September 2007)

It will be a fun commuter car, i guess...
Bought it from the Tracy Auto Mall off Naglee road.


Wife with her latest car (99 Durango)
(currently own)

My Corvette Stingray and I (currently own)

Wife with our previous car (99 VW PASSAT)
- sold Sep 2007

My much loved previous customized 99 Durango
It was the shiznit... was sad to sell it..
- sold Aug 2005

My First Dodge (2002 Dodge Intrepid) - sold Oct 2004

My trusty Jeep (1997 Cherokee Laredo)
- sold Sep 2003

Hopefully, many more to come...


  1. Very nice...
    Most people I know, including myself, don't take the time and effort to document and look back on the cars they've owned.. hope you have many more in the future..

    btw, teh Old Durangos Rock !
    The new ones are not that exciting looking...

  2. Very cool !
    I also own a corvette, a 1998 C5

    how do you maintain so many cars ?

  3. You will share good memories with your cars. Nice way to sharing. Well maintain cars. Keep it your hobby.