Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ground Fog day !!

Driving through the Mist !

The commute to the Bay area brings with it a peculiar experience during the cold months. All along the Altamont Pass and indeed much of Tracy is a thick blanket of Ground fog. But only in the early morning till around 9am when it starts to clear...

This is particularly hazardous during the winter months where the fog envelopes the highway and visibility is severely restricted... and the funniest thing is, there is no wind to blow the fog away, so it just sits there and commuters like myself have to slow down to 30-45 miles an hour for safety.

Personally, I find it surrealistic... feels like you're driving in the clouds.. a really nice feeling...

here are a few normal and fog pictures..

Altamont pass On a normal sunny day and the same point on a Foggy Day !

Another shot On a normal sunny day and the same point on a Foggy Day !

Drive safely guys !


  1. hi i like it, did u been in argetina, u'll must... kisses..

  2. I drive everyday on that highway.. The fog is bad in cold climates, but not really dangerous as long as you have at least 15-20 feet visibility in front and are driving slowly...