Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Hot Air Balloon ride over Tracy.

My Mom-in-Law has come to visit.

So being the good Son-in-law, I decided to make her trip memorable by taking her for a hot air balloon ride over the San Joaquin valley. You probably heard about Professor Muldoon's Hot air balloon company in an earlier blog post of mine, but I didn't have pictures then.

So here are a bunch of pics we took (Wife, Mom-in-law and I) of our Hot air Ride in the Aerostat "Inspiration".
We made the trip on the 3rd of September at 6:30 in the morning, before it became windy. Met Professor Muldoon (Bob) at the Tracy Airport. He looks a lot like Kenny Rodgers. The Tracy Airport is a small and neatly kept strip, just south of Linnie road on South Tracy blvd. They also have a flying school there I noticed...

(Click pics below to enlarge)

Here are a few pics of Tracy from the Sky..

2 Pics I snapped as we were coming in for the landing.

We had a great time and went to iHop for breakfast after that.

Another point of note is that Tracy, CA is home to the JESUS Hot Air Balloon.
(See pictures below)

Thank you Bob!

Get information on these rides below.
The rides are not expensive and really worth the experience.
CLICK Here for the website
Professor Muldoon's Hot Air Balloon Company

P.O. Box 1208

Tracy, CA 95378-1208
Phone: (800) 822-3333
(209) 833-9014


  1. awesome...
    I would probably drop the camera from that height when taking pics.. I have butter fingers.. and I am afraid of heights..

  2. It's ok, the camera probably has a strap or a loop.