Monday, December 20, 2010

Tracy Mall at Christmas time!

The Tracy Mall at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas to all my fellow Tracy-ites !!

It seems to have been an uneventful year, with a little depression and a lot of hand wringing for those who own homes and have lost money or are wallowing in debt.
Well.. I try to forget. It is after all all in the mind.

Cut your Cable connections, stop watching the Media biased Cable news networks and feel a little better. I did.. and I do.
Anyways, I was strolling through the Tracy Mall at Naglee road a couple of days ago and thought I'd snap a couple of pictures for you guys... Enjoy and Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Here's one of The mall with folks getting their booths ready in the early morning.

Here's the Playpen, where kids can sit on Santa's lap. Imagine how innocent and worry free life is for little kids at this moment in time...

This Santa really looked the part.

Here's the Merry go round / Carousel in the Tracy Mall, near the food court.

Cheers and Merry-ness to you all !

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Pics of South Tracy

My drive through South Tracy.

Just some Pics I thought I'd share with you guys of the beautiful empty golden lands in the south of Tracy near Highway 580. Heres a map of what I mean followed by a few pictures...

The roads are long and go on for miles and make for a very nice leisurely drive...
Lots of wild life too.. I saw a Coyote and many squirrels and other small critters run across the road when they saw me coming..


These are Cellphone pictures, so I apologize for the crumminess.. I'll post some more pics, later this week, taken with a better Camera...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures of Tracy - Part 3

Pictures of Tracy - Part 3

More pics...

Here is a couple pictures of the NEW 10th street Tracy Rail station.
NOTE: This is different from the ACE Train Station on Tracy blvd and Linnie rd.

Here is a pic of Tracy Downtown seen from 9th st.
Some really nice shops and eateries here..
Looks a bit empty, because it is sunday evening.

Here's a picture of the Tracy Grand Theater
It was rebuilt 2 years ago inside and out.

More coming soon...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pictures of Tracy - Part 2

More pictures of Tracy!

Here are some more Pictures of Tracy, California.. the nicest little town in America... (To me atleast)
:-) Join me as I drive through town clicking photographs. I'm not an expert cameraman, but I do know how to click a quick one.

Here's a nice one of the Safeway Gas station, at the corner
Corral Hollow and 11th St, right as you get into town.

Gas is cheaper in Tracy, than in the bay area..
(10 cents less a gallon atleast, I swear)

Here's a picture of the OSH over on Corral Hollow and 11th.

Here's a picture of CVS Pharmacy, just next to OSH
This used to be Longs Drugs..

Here's one of an office building opposite the
Self-storage Center on 11th St.
Maybe, I'll have an office in it someday. :)

The 99cent store (Dollar store) at the intersection
of 11th st and Lincoln blvd. This is a huge store with
all sorts of stuff for under a buck.

11th Street, just as you enter tracy from the 205 Highway
Note the nice ornamental street lights and landscaping on the center divide.

Tracy Home Depot, every home owners favorite store.

A pic of La Costa, very popular joing at the corner of 11th and East st
just opposite Tracy High,

A pic of KFC at 11th and Wall st. There are two KFC's in Tracy,
This one and another At grant Line Rd and Henley Pkwy.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures of Tracy - Part 1

A photo Tour of my town

I was just thinking of what a lovely little town this is..
To me it represents little town America, but on a California Bay Area Scale.. Because it may seem small, but it is really spread out and self contained. Tracy has everything from Osh, to Walmart, to Safeway, to Costco and Longs, Walgreens, Rite-Aid.. and all the smaller chains. It even has many smaller locally owned stores geared to serve the city.. In Tracy, you will find all the avenues for shopping and other activities that you can in every other metropolitan area / city in America.. The First part of this Post will have pictures of the shops the Mall, The theater...just Random pictures really... Join me as I drive through the city and click away...

Tracy High School. This building was recently renovated and
rebuilt and a lot was spent to make it look fabulous. Good Job !

Pretty much the center of downtown. Tracy Inn,
A historical building, at the intesection of 11th and Holly Dr.

A New Raley's opened in the plaza at Tracy blvd and Valpico

Orchard restaurant : You can see this restaurant
from the 205 highway, at grant line road.

Tracy Fire station at 11th St. There are 3 fire stations in Tracy (I think)

Not to forget the quintessential Tracy Walmart
that every little town in America is meant to have..
A pic of my vette in the parking lot. :)

Shopping plaza at the intersection of Tracy blvd
and Shulte, near the Chevron and Save mart.

I will keep adding to this list...