Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures of Tracy - Part 3

Pictures of Tracy - Part 3

More pics...

Here is a couple pictures of the NEW 10th street Tracy Rail station.
NOTE: This is different from the ACE Train Station on Tracy blvd and Linnie rd.

Here is a pic of Tracy Downtown seen from 9th st.
Some really nice shops and eateries here..
Looks a bit empty, because it is sunday evening.

Here's a picture of the Tracy Grand Theater
It was rebuilt 2 years ago inside and out.

More coming soon...


  1. Nice blog. (I live here, too) I'm usually working at the Altamont Cowork Facility on 11th Street ( or from home. (I'm an editor/writer ... and sometimes need to collaborate with a designer. You available for freelance gigs?) I've also done sort of a "mini-blog" on Tracy... you can see it here: Tracy, California on Squidoo. Keep your blog going... and if you don't mind, I'll link to it from my Tracy Squidoo lens.

  2. nice blog.

    i have a more general question because i am thinking of relocating ... ...

    in all fairness ... where would be better to live manteca or tracy?

  3. Prakash.
    Depends on you.
    If your work is more to the stockton or Modesto side then Manteca might be better, but if it is west in the bay area, then Tracy is better.


  4. Piotr,
    not sure if there are trains yet.

  5. I was just wondering if ACE could be re-routed or something useful like that.

  6. Well, that would certainly be convenient.