Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Pics of South Tracy

My drive through South Tracy.

Just some Pics I thought I'd share with you guys of the beautiful empty golden lands in the south of Tracy near Highway 580. Heres a map of what I mean followed by a few pictures...

The roads are long and go on for miles and make for a very nice leisurely drive...
Lots of wild life too.. I saw a Coyote and many squirrels and other small critters run across the road when they saw me coming..


These are Cellphone pictures, so I apologize for the crumminess.. I'll post some more pics, later this week, taken with a better Camera...

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  1. I think the endless fields and meadows leading up to the hills is extremely beautiful in the winter after a few showers. Then it is all green, Like a microsoft windows wallpaper.