Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ready for another day of Paintballing...

Spent all of the weekend Paintballing.
I jammed up my Paintball gun pretty good. A few paintballs got chopped in the hopper and gummed up the works...

I had green goop dripping from my gun like crazy...
Anyways, pulled the pins an barrels and cleaned them well. Looking forward to some paintballing fun in the coming weeks..


  1. Awesome markers.. The red one is a JT right? Cheap but reliable.. old school !

    The black one has ER3 on it, so it must be extreme rage. right?

  2. I would recommend getting an automatic or electronic ball hopper for the ER3.. it can go to 12 balls a second.. maybe thats why your balls are chopping?

    By the pics looks like you are currently using a cheap gravity ball hopper. Not good for the ER3.

    = Oliver

  3. Hi Oliver, that's 100% right, I upgraded to an ER3 Electronic hopper because of all the chopping.

    Can't wait to test it out in the field..