Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tracy Town Hall

A Trip to Tracy City Hall.

Went to Tracy Town hall yesterday to inquire about permits and business licences for a project I'm working on.. Was told that the area around Tracy is controlled or rather comes under San Joaquin county jurisdiction and zoning and that if the land I'm using does not fall in the dotted lines for Tracy, I should inquire at the zoning office in Stockton.

Took some pictures of Tracy City Hall with my cellphone. It is a really nicely made and clean building. It has the understated elegance of a proud small town. Very very nice indeed.

Here is a nice Pic I found of the new City Hall.
This Picture by Danny Anderson

The Old Town Hall
Here are a couple of Pics I got from the web, of the Old Tracy Town Hall and Jail. built in 1900, Before they built the New building at the Civic Center Plaza a few years ago...

Old Building, apparently it was also a Jailhouse??

Lots of History can be found in this little town of over 82,000 people (Now that's hardly a village is it?)

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