Thursday, March 17, 2011

One afternoon, 3 oil changes..

It helps to maintain your own cars.

Changed the Oil in 3 of my cars yesterday. 3 Different grades of Oil..

Took a total of 2 hours and I probably saved about 50-60 bucks and 2 days in lost time, than if I had taken them individually to the shop.

Those Race Ramps are the best investment I've ever made.. Some Pics..

I stopped in between to take my 1970 Stingray for a spin for 10 minutes.

Oh well, now to do the wife's car..


  1. You drive a beetle ? Not cool man.
    You have 2 Vettes and you drive a beetle? LOL! I know your wife drives the Passat.

    J/K Love ya pal !

  2. Heyyyy Peter.
    Yeah, I drive a beetle.. Super Manly huh?

    In my defense, it's Black and it is roomy inside and gets fantastic gas mileage.. 32-36mpg.Can't beat that eh?

    Gotta save the environment and all that happy horseshit..

  3. Hi I am looking into purchasing a vette. Unfortunately for me I can only afford a used vette. I actually commute from San Ramon to Stockton. I was wondering how many mpg you average in your vette in your commute. Also, If you have any advice as far a purchasing a vette. I'm think a '98-'02 or thereabouts.

    Thanks Ana

  4. Hey Ana.
    I have owned 3 vettes so far and also one dodge viper, have helped many a friend with their vettes. I would be glad to help you look at one, if it is available for viewing in the Tracy area. Sort of a buyers check. Drop me an email at if you need any help.

  5. Believe it or not, the C5 corvettes get between 20-26mpg on the highway, if you don't drive like a crazy teen.