Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out with Corvette, In with Viper!!

The most brutally insane vehicle I have ever driven!!

Since I sold my 2003 Corvette, I've been pining for a Viper GTS. Had my heart set on a Dodge Viper for a long time. Originally wanted a 96-97 Blue/White combo, but those are extremely hard to come by. Only 1500 or so were ever built, so I kept an eye out for any other colored GTS I could find. Preferably Sapphire blue or Silver.
I finally found one in Escondido, CA.
Had it shipped all the way to Tracy, CA. It has only 32,000 miles on it.

A little more about the car.

V10, 8 Liter Engine, Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl, 6-Speed manual Transmission.
Black leather Interior. One of only 130 ever made of this color in 2001 without Stripes.
In 2001, there were a total of only 827 GTS produced. These cars are put together by hand. I am super proud to own one of these. Just 10 years old and it is already a classic and a collectors car. This body style was only made from 1996 to 2002. It is the most popular distinctive and loved design of all Vipers. Chrome Alloy Viper wheels. Borla Exhaust. Upgraded Audio system with Bluetooth, USB, MP3, Sirius Satellite Radio and iPhone inputs.

It is very raw and sometimes uncontrollable. It has been said that the Dodge Viper is a real drivers car and is extremely unforgiving if not handled right. Seriously, the car wants to kill you.. Very high Torque and no Traction control.
There were just 7000 Viper GTS ever produced worldwide. I've been told that only about 60% exist on the road today.

I am still crazy about corvettes and still own my 1970 Stingray, so I will continue being a 'Corvette guy'. But I Love my Viper!

Oh well. Fun times!! :)
See more pictures here...


  1. Holy wow!
    I live in the housing complex just facing 11th street, opposite the Tracy football fields. I think I saw you last week (The Viper, atleast), growling away towards Lammers rd/11th st intersection.

    Was it you?

  2. It might have been me :)
    I don't think there are any other Sapphire blue Vipers in Tracy. Plus my viper does have a rather aggressive sounding exhaust note.

  3. Awesome Chris!!!!!

    I think I may know the former owner :)

    Escondido, CA (for now, soon relocating near you :) )

  4. That's really cool Alex! Small world eh?
    Look forward to having a beer with you when you get back to Tracy. Let me know.

  5. You bet :)

    Our ETA is mid Jan, early feb, we're eyeing a little ranchette property but might end up renting for a few months, then take our time to shop around. I'm a former muscle car owner myself, used to restore chevelles and camaros but collecting Hummer h1's these days. Here's my current ride:

    But one of the first order of business once we're all settled is to get my butt back in a muscle car seat!

    BTW, I have to thank you a LOT for your blog; relocating back north has been a little stressful real estate wise but you really help me make a sound decision to move back to tracy and commute a little; we have a decent size property here in escondido and downsizing was not something I'm ready to do at this point! Plus we work from home a couple of days a week so the commute to San Carlos 3-4 days a week should not be too bad. DONE DEAL!!!!! :)

    Let's keep in touch, I'll email you :)


  6. Sweet ride!
    The H1 Wagon is the best Hummer of all time.

  7. Why do you men always want big bad cars and humvees and 10 cylinder gas guzzlers??! Chris, I'm sure you've realized by now how terrible the gas mileage of that car is and you probably regret buying it right? You boys need to grow up and save the environment. There are many alternative cars that goes fast, like the Tesla and it gives great mpg and is good for the air, cause it's electric.
    You probably won't publish this. But enjoy your wasteful cars.

  8. Hahahaha! Haters be hatin! :)

    Dear brave Anonymous,
    I'm assuming from your writing style, that you're a girl/woman.
    1. We like big and fast cars because we're men!
    2. Boys will be boys! (with their toys).
    3. Don't worry about me, I can afford the gas and the cars, don't give a crap if it gives me 10 miles a gallon. It's a VIPER! But you wouldn't get that. Let's assumewe were talking about handbags, it's a PRADA! (get it now?)

    You have a very nice day Ma'am!

  9. LOL well played Chris. We like our toys, it's a hobby, nothing more, nothing less. It's not about "going fast" or "Flashing around"...