Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tracy Corvettes GTG.

Tracy Corvettes Memorial Day weekend Get-together.

Joined up with the local Corvette Enthusiasts on Friday night for a burger at Wally's (108 E. 11th St., Tracy). I used to be an IN-n-Out Fan, but these Wally Burgers are really something.

They have this 3 POUND Cheeseburger that you have got to try out sometime ! I'm serious, the hamburger patty itself is One-and-a-Quarter Pounds. Really something. Take your Cholesterol meds along.. lol.

Here are a few pics (Courtesy Chuck).
It being Memorial day weekend and all, there were far fewer people than would normally be expected.


My '77 Vette (left) with My Neighbour Ken's '72 Vette. (right)
(Click to Enlarge)


Ken's '72 bumper Vette. (Click to Enlarge)


Mark and his wife drove to Tracy from Ripon
in their '91 Red C4. It was immaculate.
(Click to Enlarge)


My other neighbour Ted's Yellow 2000 Vette.
(With Nitrous Oxide Kit, loud as hell)
(Click to Enlarge)


Lucette (Red C6) and her husbands C6 vettes
Her husband's car is the Black C6 Z06.
The C5 in the Background (Left) is Auburnsky's
(Click to Enlarge)


Fun times !

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Classic Cars in Santa Clara.

I always say,
"Anyone can write a check and buy a new car from a showroom, but it takes a special soul to restore and nurture a classic"

Summer is here and there are classic car get togethers everywhere. Usually in Santa Clara, classic car owners meet in the evenings every wednesday near Mervyns. They play 50s and 60s rock and roll on loudspeakers, lending a sort of nostalgic charm to the gathering. Thought I'd share a few photos I took of a recent classic car get together in Santa Clara. Yes I was there with my shiny little corvette.

By the way, I missed the Tracy Classic Car show this year. :-(
Does anyone have pictures I could borrow to put up here ?
I would include the names of the photographers with the pictures :-)

Picture of my '77 vette at the gtg in Santa Clara.
It's the black one next to the Burgundy C2 Corvette
(Click to expand)

Pictures of other Classic cars at the gtg in Santa Clara.

(Click to expand)

Old cars are just so stirring...Why ?
Because the very concept of caring for something that is rare and delicate and keeping it alive, is to help it cheat death. Saving a piece of history who's time is supposed to have come and gone and should be relegated to the junk yard, but is not, is in my opinion noble. These are timepieces, these are mirrors into the past, these are time machines.


Bikers on Hwy 680

Sons of California.
While driving with the wife to San jose last saturday (19th May) about 20 bikes rumbled past us. Looked like a local motorcycle club. They were a very disciplined group of riders. Taking at the most 2 lanes and keeping placement and riding protocol. They all wore the same jackets with a leather patch on each saying "Sons of California".
Wife won't let me get a bike. :(

Here are a couple of pics. Good thing I always keep my camera handy in the car.. :-)

I went home and researched the 'sons of california', seems they have a website up. check it out

btw, we reached San Jose in 40 minutes flat from Tracy.

Friday, May 11, 2007

$8000 for concrete ??? Are you kidding me ??

Just got a few estimates for some landscaping for my yard.

Now I have nothing against contractors making a living. God knows they do great work and are licensed and all that, plus they have to fight the fight against illegal immigration more than some other professions I know, because they (illegals) undercut their prices so drastically. But come on for God's sake !! $8000 to put down concrete ??? sheesh !!! And that doesn't include any any tile work or anything. Just Concrete and sod.

Here's the background...
3000sq ft back yard.. clean and empty. No landscaping done on it so far whatsoever. I want to put in circular slabs of concrete in a few specific places and cover the rest with sod and a sprinkler system. The Contractor said he would need to till the entire yard and then compact it and the labour would be about 60% of the cost. That's just nuts !!! Plus as always I always have known contractors to underestimate and then later add on stuff and go over budget.

Am I being unreasonable or is he over-quoting me ??

Should I just rent the compactor and the tiller from Home Depot and do it myself ?

Maybe get a non-licensed person to do the concrete ?

Please give me any advice you may have
(email me - e.tarkovski@gmail.com)

Here is what my lawn currently looks like.
(Click to view detail)

Here is a computer design I did myself of what I want it to be.

The concrete would be where the tiled circles are in the diagram.
The big rectangle already exists
(Click to view detail)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Busy Busy Weekend !

Pride of home ownership has really driven my energy levels up
(and my libido too , I might add) ;-)
This was a busy busy weekend for me. It is really surprising what you can do if you are geared up and plan a 'to-do' list (Plus wake up a little early). Here is a list of stuff I did this weekend.

  1. Drove to Manteca and returned the outdoor lanterns I bought last month, exchanged them for non-motion sensor ones.
  2. Bought a 8x10 foot metal shed. Drove to Home Depot, loaded onto truck, drove home, loaded into garage.
  3. Installed 2 Outdoor Lanterns on either side of the garage (Electrical work, ladder, yadda yadda..)
  4. Went grocery shopping to Costco with my significant other (Wife)
  5. Mowed the lawn and fertilized.
  6. Trimmed edges of lawn (with weed whacker.. My favourite tool and weapon :p)
  7. Drove to OSH, bought lamp shade, wires, plugs, bulbs and stud detector.
  8. Installed light above pool table.
  9. Installed floodlight above Corvette, with remote control..
  10. Got paint swatches from Home Depot, argued with wife for 2 hours about what walls should be what color.. Still no conclusion...
  11. Washed and dried corvette :-)
  12. Put up some memorabilia and hung pics on the wall above car..
  13. Played 2 games of pool.
  14. Saw SpiderMan 3 with wife at Cinemax, Tracy
  15. Went to Mancini's Sleepworld 'Sale', bought a queen size bed and mattress and boxspring.
  16. Worked from home sunday evening for about 2 hours. (need to get geared up for Monday right?)

Pic of New Outdoor Lantern. (Point #3)
(Click to view detail)


Pic of Pool Table with New lamp. (Point #8)
(Click to view detail)


Pics of Vette & Memorabilia (Point #11 & 12)
(Click to view detail)


Pic of my Manicured front Lawn. (Point #5 & 6)
(Click to view detail)

Real busy weekend...