Monday, June 25, 2007

Random Tracy Roadster...

Summer time is Driving time in Tracy...
(..and for that matter, everywhere else in Sunny California)

I see some really nice Hot rods and Classic cars on Tracy streets from time to time. Infact nearly every second house I see, (when their garages are open) seem to conceal some 4-wheeled treasure or the other.

I saw this Hot Rod yesterday. Notice how the engine is wide open. This guy was really letting her rip and enjoying himself. Kudos to him (whomever he may be) for the hard work put in.
(click to enlarge)
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I also saw a beautiful Orange early 70's charger a couple weeks ago, (Truly beautiful) but I didn't have my camera at the time. I did however find some pics from the internet to show you what I mean
(click to enlarge)

Does Tracy have any local classic car clubs ? Or do I have to wait till august for the Glass on the Grass show (or the tracy classic car show, I think) to find out ?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tanker Truck Stalker !

Trailing a Tanker truck...

Ever followed a Gas Tanker truck ? The ones with the polished chrome like tankers ? It's like driving with a big oval mirror in front of you. haha..
Really a nice experience.. I followed one intentionally for about 20 miles on 580 today morning.... It was slower than the other lanes, but very entertaining. Wish I was driving my corvette, it would have looked better in the reflective mirror like surface.


(Click to expand)

Under a bridge (Click to expand)

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Off with your Nails !!!

Ok, so my cat (Ramses. Russian Blue breed) has gotten so used to the new house, that he has declared it his domain and (like batman) seeks out the highest vantage points of the house and somehow perches himself there to score a birds eye view of us humans ! In his quest to scale these heights he did what any cat would do.. climb the walls and leap across open spaces to get there... in the process leaving one or two scratch marks on the wall and the furniture thereby freaking my wife out. So here we are trying to cut his sharp claws. Took a few pics. How many of you guys have cats or dogs ?

Perched up on the ledge. (click to enlarge)

He's not really happy about this nail cutting thing..
(click to enlarge)

Posing with his lion.
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Not a very happy Kitty... (click to enlarge)


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Home on a truck !

Through my morning windscreen.

Driving to work today, just like any other day, saw a couple of trucks with "Caution: Oversize Load" signs on them, with pickup safety escorts. So someone is getting a house delivered to their land today in 2 pieces (2 wide bed trucks). Probably a 1000sq ft. house. Always wondered what it would be like, getting a house delivered on a truck to my lot and setting it up.

Truth be told, I was in half a mind to buy a plot of land in Livermore when I was in my home hunting phase and build a modular home on it...

Good thing I found Tracy. Now I can focus on my Landscaping instead. lol.

Took a few pics as usual.