Monday, August 20, 2007

Tracy - Glass on the Grass

The Tracy, "Glass-on-the-Grass" Corvette show !!

Been looking forward to this all year. Golden State Corvettes put this show together in Lincoln Park in Tracy.

There were about 50 Corvettes of all shapes, generations and hues ! Really a beautiful day. And the weather was really good too !
As usual, this roving enthusiast took a few pics... :)

(About 62 pics) -
click here.

PS: My friend and neighbour Ken, (Seen with his 2 daughters) won 3rd place with his vette in its class.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hot Air Balloons over Tracy.

I have always been Fascinated by Hot Air Ballooning !

Woke up this morning and went outside to pick up the morning paper (Tracy Press :-) Looked up and saw two hot air balloons in the sky.

Now, being a former resident of Santa Clara, I never really saw one up close, let alone in the open blue sky, so I was pretty excited.
Ran inside to get my camera. Took a few pictures !

I am going to book my wife and me on one of those air tours of the valley !!! Anybody want to join me with their spouse / significant other ?


This is the Tracy site I found:
CLICK Here for the website
Professor Muldoon's Hot Air Balloon Company

P.O. Box 1208

Tracy, CA 95378-1208
Phone: (800) 822-3333
(209) 833-9014

Let me know, My wife and I are going next weekend
(18th Aug '07)

God, I love this country !