Monday, October 8, 2007

Fleet week - San Francisco

Angels in the Bay !!

Very few things are more awe inspiring and breathtaking (..not to mention deafening) than seeing a jet fighter pass less than 1000 feet over your head. No less, when the flight team performing these maneuvers are the world famous "Blue Angels". That's exactly what I experienced this weekend in beautiful San Francisco.

It was Fleet week and the navy brought out their top guns and ships and bombers to cavort in the sky above the city. It really made me proud of being in this country and see such a fantastic mix of aerial dare-devilry and renowned landmarks (Golden Gate bridge, Alcatraz, etc) on the same stage...

I took a few pictures for you to see, but nothing can express the sheer thrill of watching the Blue Angels live !! The entire airshow part of the fleet week celebrations included aerial demonstrations by the Navy's Blue Angels, Team Oracle, and the Air Force's F-16 Demonstration Team!

For those who don't know who the blue angels are,
have a look at this video. (Nice Van Halen soundtrack) ;)

Here is the website