Thursday, June 12, 2008

Riding the ACE Train !

Taking the Altamont Commuter Express Train to work,
(As opposed to driving

Last month I finally and officially freaked out at the gas pump.

I've never paid much attention to the daily price I paid, instead I was content with filling my tank everyday with 4 gallons of fuel. (That got me from Tracy to Sunnyvale and back -105 miles)

Well that ungrateful morning, I looked at the price for 4 gallons of regular and realized that I was paying nearly $20 a day just to go to work. Totally unacceptable !!
I parked my car at the Santa Clara Station that evening and took the ACE train home. Now I have ridden the ACE before, once in a while, but preferred driving as it allowed me more control over my work timings, but I've got to admit that enough is enough and paying, nay, WASTING $600 a month on just gas was not going to swing it anymore....

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So I bought myself a Monthly Pass ($225.75) and I now cycle to the station every morning from home, and back home from the station every evening. I currently park my car at the Great America station in Santa Clara to board the train, but I can't keep it there over the weekends as vandalism has sometimes been known to occur.
I need to buy myself a cheap ass $1000 car to park there...

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The Ace train is really good, on time and cost effective. The train is kept clean, the conductors and operators are very courteous and it has tables to put your laptop on and work, and the plugs to plug them in. It also has wi-fi, but it is sometimes hard to get a strong connection.
I now save $400 a month on my fuel bill.. I reach work at 8:30am (As opposed to 10am when driving) and I leave at 5:30pm to catch the last 5:45 train back to Tracy...

No stress of driving, (Or having to deal with the Asshats on the highway) saving on fuel and peace of mind..

I can live with that.

Here are a few more pictures I took.

The Great America Station Parking Lot
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The TRACY Station
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Pictures of the Altamont Expressway, from the Train
I used to be one of those drivers (lol)
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Check the ACE train Schedule and maps and stuff on their website.

Courtesy ACErail website