Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Christmas Present

1970 Stingray Corvette.

Look what Santa got me for Christmas...
That's right ! A Bumper Vette.
I always regretted selling my 1977 Corvette (May 2008). I wanted another c3.

I found this Corvette in Lincoln, CA some miles northeast of Sacramento. It wasn't in the greatest shape. But it is a chrome bumper Corvette and it is rare. They only made full Chrome bumper C3 Corvettes from 1968 to 1972. Just 5 years. After that Chevy, discontinued the Chrome bumpers and Put Fiberglass Bumpers on their vettes instead. Only 1973 had the rear bumpers, but not the front.

Anyways, this will be one of two Corvettes for me. This one will be my project car for the Next whole year.. I'll work on it on weekends and restore it slowly. I also plan to buy a C5 vette after I sell my Mitsubishi eclipse.

You can see the restoration progress

Here are some pictures.

Click to enlarge

Happy New Year 2009!