Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great Pet Sitter in Tracy!

Assured Pet Sitting Service!

Whenever my wife and I go out of town we have this stress (atleast my wife does), about leaving our cat home alone. If you guys have Pets / Dogs / Cats or even plants that need tending to when you go on vacation/trips, I have just used and highly recommend this awesome pet sitting service! 

Lil Anderson, is the owner of Assured Pet and Home Sitting Services and Tracy resident. Lil and her son who run the company are local Tracy-ites and Lil has been taking care of Animals for 45 years. My wife and I were very impressed with her service right from her knowledge of cats and her promptness, to her communication skills. She responds immediately to texts, calls and voice messages. She is also fully licensed, bonded and insured and a member of Pet Sitters International and the Better Business Bureau.

We went to Hawaii for a week and the local animal shelter was not a good option for our cat, who is really timid and gets really traumatized and moody (like my wife.. ok, ok kidding) :-), so we opted for a pet/home sitter. We were worried at first, because I own a couple of nice cars and also, we were nervous about strangers in our home. But when we met Lil, we were immediately put at ease by her professionalism and trustworthy demeanor. She was also very upfront about everything.

We returned home to a healthy cat, our home exactly as we left it AND Lil even kept a daily diary (on a couple sheets of paper) of her visits to our home with notes on how our cat behaved and other things around the house, like mail and alarm issues. She gave me updates via text messages and even sent me a picture of my cat.. very impressive.

You cannot go wrong hiring Assured Pet Services and Lil Anderson. Real Peace of Mind. I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough!

Going on Vacation? Call her, you won't be sorry!

Assured Pet and Home Sitting Services 
Tracy, CA
Phone: +1-209-814-4693
License: 72890

Here's a pic of our little guy..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Out with Corvette, In with Viper!!

The most brutally insane vehicle I have ever driven!!

Since I sold my 2003 Corvette, I've been pining for a Viper GTS. Had my heart set on a Dodge Viper for a long time. Originally wanted a 96-97 Blue/White combo, but those are extremely hard to come by. Only 1500 or so were ever built, so I kept an eye out for any other colored GTS I could find. Preferably Sapphire blue or Silver.
I finally found one in Escondido, CA.
Had it shipped all the way to Tracy, CA. It has only 32,000 miles on it.

A little more about the car.

V10, 8 Liter Engine, Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl, 6-Speed manual Transmission.
Black leather Interior. One of only 130 ever made of this color in 2001 without Stripes.
In 2001, there were a total of only 827 GTS produced. These cars are put together by hand. I am super proud to own one of these. Just 10 years old and it is already a classic and a collectors car. This body style was only made from 1996 to 2002. It is the most popular distinctive and loved design of all Vipers. Chrome Alloy Viper wheels. Borla Exhaust. Upgraded Audio system with Bluetooth, USB, MP3, Sirius Satellite Radio and iPhone inputs.

It is very raw and sometimes uncontrollable. It has been said that the Dodge Viper is a real drivers car and is extremely unforgiving if not handled right. Seriously, the car wants to kill you.. Very high Torque and no Traction control.
There were just 7000 Viper GTS ever produced worldwide. I've been told that only about 60% exist on the road today.

I am still crazy about corvettes and still own my 1970 Stingray, so I will continue being a 'Corvette guy'. But I Love my Viper!

Oh well. Fun times!! :)
See more pictures here...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Videos of My Daily Commute.

My Daily commute.

Using my GoPro camera, I made a Video of My Daily Commute to work and my Trip home from Tracy to Sunnyvale to Tracy, CA. 

This one is on my way to work at 9:00 AM

This one is on my way home at 6:00 PM

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tracy DMV

Department of Motor Vehicles, Tracy CA

Very thankful to have such an efficient and well run DMV office in Tracy.
I used to live in Santa Clara and go to the DMV there. That was a chore and it was too overcrowded.

(Photo by Chris Pinto)

By comparison, the Tracy DMV is beautiful and well lit. Not a stuffy government office at all... It is large, spacious, they do everything, even behind the wheel tests. My wife did her driving test recently and the test administrator was very professional and courteous.

The staff behind the desks are very friendly and take time to talk to you and treat you very well. They even go out of their way to solve issues and problems, like I had recently with my Viper registration.

Anyways, I just wanted to give the Tracy DMV a big thumbs up for a job well done.

Here are a few pictures. I got the first 3 from another website. 
Credits to the Photographer Mignon O'Young.

(Photo by Mignon O'Young)

(Photo by Mignon O'Young)

(Photo by Mignon O'Young)

2785 Auto Plaza Drive
Tracy, 95304


Office Hours
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cross on the Altamont

As you leave Livermore and drive easterly towards Tracy onto the Altamont Pass on Highway 580, you come across a really big Cross cut out of the hill to the left of the highway.. It says "Jesus Saves".

The cool part is, it lights up at night (Like a big runway) and one can even see it from the sky. Here's an aerial picture of it from Google Maps. I quite like it when land owners near the highway or near it, produce statements or works of art for passers by to view.. Such is Americana.. From sculptures made of half buried cadillacs to a giant Picnic basket... We will always have creativity..

All I can say to the owner of the land or the creator of the cross on it is, "Bless you Sir" and "Thank you" for sharing.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

One afternoon, 3 oil changes..

It helps to maintain your own cars.

Changed the Oil in 3 of my cars yesterday. 3 Different grades of Oil..

Took a total of 2 hours and I probably saved about 50-60 bucks and 2 days in lost time, than if I had taken them individually to the shop.

Those Race Ramps are the best investment I've ever made.. Some Pics..

I stopped in between to take my 1970 Stingray for a spin for 10 minutes.

Oh well, now to do the wife's car..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tracy Town Hall

A Trip to Tracy City Hall.

Went to Tracy Town hall yesterday to inquire about permits and business licences for a project I'm working on.. Was told that the area around Tracy is controlled or rather comes under San Joaquin county jurisdiction and zoning and that if the land I'm using does not fall in the dotted lines for Tracy, I should inquire at the zoning office in Stockton.

Took some pictures of Tracy City Hall with my cellphone. It is a really nicely made and clean building. It has the understated elegance of a proud small town. Very very nice indeed.

Here is a nice Pic I found of the new City Hall.
This Picture by Danny Anderson

The Old Town Hall
Here are a couple of Pics I got from the web, of the Old Tracy Town Hall and Jail. built in 1900, Before they built the New building at the Civic Center Plaza a few years ago...

Old Building, apparently it was also a Jailhouse??

Lots of History can be found in this little town of over 82,000 people (Now that's hardly a village is it?)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ready for another day of Paintballing...

Spent all of the weekend Paintballing.
I jammed up my Paintball gun pretty good. A few paintballs got chopped in the hopper and gummed up the works...

I had green goop dripping from my gun like crazy...
Anyways, pulled the pins an barrels and cleaned them well. Looking forward to some paintballing fun in the coming weeks..